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Saas Platform

Redesigning a SaaS platform for content marketers

Frontend Development+Product Design+Product Research

DivvyHQ is a software application for content marketing teams that simplifies the most challenging, initial steps of effective content marketing. Teams can view all their content in one place, assign resources and customize their workflow for different types of content.

What They Needed

With several different teams using the platform, DivvyHQ has to work for several types of users within a marketing team. The platform needs to be simple for power users and one-time reviewers. And the design of the platform needs to be scalable for the growing landscape of marketing tools.

What We Did

  • Reviewed nine months of customer feedback.
  • Sat in on product roadmap discussions.
  • Audited the existing platform based on customer feedback, internal feedback, the product roadmap and UX principles.
  • Presented wireframe prototypes of each section of the application.
  • Designed each section of the application.
  • Documented new designs for development team.
  • Collaborated with development team.

How It Helped

  • We designed a consistent filter mechanism that can be used across the application. Develop it once, drop it where needed.
  • We designed a reusable navigation paradigm within each section of the application, to reduce the number of required layout files for developers and present information consistently to users. This paradigm also works for future features on the product roadmap.
  • We designed layouts that emphasize the most-used features of the application while presenting under-used features.
  • A comprehensive visual style guide to make future development easier, so the product team can focus on customer feedback and planning.

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