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Frontend Development+Website Design+Wordpress Development

DivvyHQ is a software application for content marketing teams that simplifies the most challenging, initial steps of effective content marketing. Teams can view all their content in one place, assign resources and customize their workflow for different types of content.

What They Needed

With a platform that scales for several different types of teams, DivvyHQ needed a website that speaks to the needs of those different teams.

What We Did

  • Ported content onto a new WordPress theme;
  • Customized WordPress theme;
  • Updated brand’s visual vocabulary with design team;
  • Updated all pages to work with updated theme;
  • Developed multiple templates for blog posts, depending on supporting media.

How It Helped

  • Improved calls-to-action throughout the site;
  • Increased conversion rates for free trial demos;
  • Increased conversion rates for landing pages;
  • Improved mobile experience.
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Standard Functionality For Our WordPress Projects

Customized Content
Post types built for your company to accommodate press clippings, team members, office locations or case studies

Forms Done Right
Contact forms that save submissions and email notifications

Social Media Sharing
Ordered to fit your social strategy

Visual Editing
Drag-and-drop interface for pages and posts for easy customization

SEO Standards
SEO best practices with XML sitemaps, general settings, page-specific summaries and keyword optimization

Performance Improvements
Several features that improve load time: page caching, code minification, image lazy-loading and deferred render-blocking CSS and Javascript

Reusable Layouts
Saved templates for common elements and complex layouts

Email Conversions
Subscription forms for your email marketing platform

Google Analytics
We set up Dashboards and Conversions based on your goals

Standard Plugin Configuration

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