Plans du Jour


SaaS Platform

User experience for a Saas Platform serving business owners and their customers

Product Design+Product Research+Website Design+Wordpress Development

Plans du Jour is a platform to businesses with their most loyal customers. Businesses are able to offer targeted specials and reward to their customers who have favorited them in the platform. In return, customers can access unique offers and get rewarded for coming in.

What They Needed

With two diverse user groups, PdJ needed an easy experience for:

  • customers to find their favorite businesses, quickly purchase special offers and check-in for visits.
  • businesses to create special offers, check in customers and analyze success.

What We Built

  • Mobile app designs for customers to add their favorite businesses, check in for visits and easily purchase special offers.
  • Mobile app designs for businesses to create special offers, check in patrons and analyze success.
  • Administration system designs to manage customer and business accounts.
  • Marketing website designs and development to support sales staff and onboard businesses.

Note: After designing the initial prototypes, Wes joined the PdJ team full-time for a year. Most of the designs you see were created by Wes as a partner at PdJ.

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